Welcome to the Heliognosis videos page. Here you will find instructional videos for our products as well as research and testing videos.

LM4 Videos

New Video: Earth Electrode - Environmental and soil measurements using the LM4

1. Proof of Orgone Part 3 : Mung bean sprout enhancement in an Orgone Accumulator

2. An introduction to the history and use of the Experimental Life Energy Meter

3. The LM4 is used to map the aura of the human body

4. Measuring the life energy of bakers yeast growing in a test tube using time lapse photography

5. Using a precision electrode with the Experimental Life Energy Meter

6. Improving the performance of the LM4 using amplifying filters

7. How to connect the LM4 to a computer using the LM05AC data aquisition system

EM2 Videos

8. Testing household devices such as WIFI, Smart Meters and microwave ovens for electromagnetic radiation

9. High EM readings while driving through the downtown core of Toronto, Canada

AR1 Videos

10. AR1 Basic operation, using the free recording software, noise removal and sample sounds

11. Household electromagnetic emissions, wireless devices and smart meters are made audible using the AR1

Research Videos

12. A breakthrough in aether physics

Tesla Wireless Power Videos

13. Tesla Wireless Power Kit introduction video including setup instructions applications and demonstrations