Experimental Reports:

Experimental Report 1:

Measuring the Life Energy Phenomena in an Impatience Plant Leaf

by Heliognosis


In The Cancer Biopathy, Volume II of the Discovery of the Orgone (1948), Wilhelm Reich wrote at length about an energy concentration device that he called an Orgone Accumulator. Reich claimed this heretofore unknown energy caused a local rise in temperature within the accumulator. He further mentioned a second method of measuring this energy using a high voltage oscillating electric field connected unipolarly to a series of metal plates. A light bulb connected to these plates luminated when living things approached or were placed on the test plate. Reich observed that a fresh fish placed on the test plate yielded a high lumination of the bulb. The longer the fish remained on the plate (after death) the weaker the lumination was. After several years of experimentation, Heliognosis has developed this method of life energy measurement into a compact electronic instrument. The following experiment illustrates the life energy measurement of a fresh leaf from the Impatience flower and shows how it diminishes with time after picking.

Impatience flower test leaf in bag
Impatience Flower Test leaf inside zip-lock bag


The Experimental Life Energy Meter Model LMII was placed on a plywood table with the small plate electrode directly behind it. A leaf from the Impatience plant was cut from the stem and placed into a weighed tight fitting zip-lock bag. The air was fully removed from the bag before weighing. The initial weight of the leaf was 0.3 grams. The bag with the leaf inside was taped to the small plate electrode so that it was centered. The leaf could then be placed directly over the plate and then removed to one side for zeroing the meter by lifting one side of the masking tape. Measurements of the energy of the leaf were made once a day with zeroing before and after to confirm the accuracy of the reading. All measurements were made on the x10 range and all other objects were kept at least 16 inches away from the meter.

zeroing the meter leaf on the plate for measuring
Leaf moved away 
from plate for zeroing
Leaf on the plate 
for measuring


The leaf was intensely green and vibrant when it was picked. It remained flat during the experiment but the green colour faded slightly over nine days to a dark olive colour. As well, the taut appearance of the leaf tissue became flaccid and slightly wrinkled. The leaf's dimensions remained the same at 4" long and 1 1/8" wide and its weight remained constant. The readings of the energy diminished each day as indicated in the following graph.

Impatience Plant Leaf Life Energy


The leaf's dimensions and weight remained constant, consistent with the prevention of water and mass loss by using the sealed zip-lock bag. The decrease in the energy readings could then only be caused by a loss of vitality as the leaf cells died after removal from the plant. This is initial evidence that leaves and perhaps all living or once living things contain an energy which dissipates with a loss of life or loss of vitality.