Experimental Reports:

Experimental Report 9:

Liquid Comparison using the new LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter

by Heliognosis

On September 1, 2013 Heliognosis introduced the new model LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter (shown in Figure 1). This model features improved repeatability of readings and portable battery powered operation. The internal "blue square" electrode provides convenience for testing fluids, small samples and objects as well as human fields. With an improved fine zero adjustment, all ranges can be zeroed with ease. A list of liquids alongside their relative and absolute readings using the new instrument will be added to this paper as more samples are measured.

LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter 
Figure 1 
Experimental Life Energy Meter LM4 with "blue square" electrode. From left to right: Black tea, Milk, Orange Juice, Tap Water, Luso Water.

Data from the tests: All samples are 2 dram (about 8mL). Empty glass test tube absolute reading 0.2%

sample reading brand
Luso Water 0 (x100) Luso (Portugal)
tap water 5 (x100) Oakville, ON Canada
black tea 13 (x100) Tetley
Milk 41 (x100) Nielson
Orange Juice 63 (x100) Tropicana pure

Absolute readings were achieved by placing an empty test tube on the "blue square" and setting the meter to zero, followed by measuring the sample. Luso spring water was selected as the reference. The reference fluid was calibrated to 0% on the x100 range. Other fluids from the appropriate group were then placed on the plate and measured one at a time. The readings were checked by placing the reference fluid on the plate periodically and adjusting the zero controls to 0% as necessary.